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    1. Vision

    To build a modern well-known enterprise full of vitality, with unique charm and in sustainable steady development.
    2. Goal
    To be more refined and more pragmatic; to be stronger and bigger.
    3. Mission

    Keeping steady growing to provide better service for society; voluntarily supporting others to promote self-improvement and win-win situation; keeping in pursuit of unity, creativity, and sustainable management.

    4. Core Values

    Being honest to oneself and to others, try our best, keep improving

    5. Talent Conception
    Talents of virtue, competence, diligence and agreeableness are welcome.
    6. Employment Concept

    To absorb all types of talents; to bring into full play each talent’s ability
    7.  Work Style

    To be true in word and resolute in deed;  to make right errors and correct mistakes.

    8. Team Concept
    To create a happy team, sharing fun together; to work together in good faith and decorum, jointly producing a harmonious environment.
    9. Management Cultivation
    To focus on self-denial and self-cultivation; to be kind in treating others and be clam in conduct; to get rid of desire.

    10. Company Style
    To advance with times and keep in pragmatic innovation, to manage precisely and develop steadily.
    11. Management Concept
    Keeping to the rules and integrating humanity into senses; improving the rules and running the company under them.

    spiritual Civilization
    12.Concept of Customer-oriented
    Customers are the Gods to the company.

    13. Quality Principle
    Aiming at good and even perfect quality; Surpassing mediocrity and pursuing excellence.

    14.Operation Policy
    To be second to the services and customers; to be rooted in the brand and honesty.

    15.Staff Ideas
    To help develop the company with your dedication, to implement every detail with your sense of responsibility, and to improve oneself with your progressive mind.

    To be honest in life and practical in working; to be modest in learning and keeping improving every day.

    17.Concept of Environmental Protection
    To protect the environment and build a wonderful homeland.

    18. Culture Publicity
    HeXing Maritime Industry is always in its way to reach a new career height.
    To open a new world and write a new chapter in maritime industry.
    To inherit history and create future; to focus on quality and bring in goodness
    To improve moral quality,  raise production quality and output competitive products; to start an enterprise, blaze new trails and create a well-known brand-name
    Comparing with yesterday to be aware of today’s gain or loss; comparing with fellowtrader to be aware of oneself’s advantages or disadvantages
    HeXing is devoted to its staff, developing together with its staff.
    He Xing is devoted to society, progressing together with society.

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