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People-oriented、to enhance core competitiveness
Since its foundation, shipyard always stick at the implementation of the “Technology innovation, peopled-oriented ” management philosophy, fully deepen the idea of people-oriented in practical action, to carry it out in practice and make it the key of enhancing company’s core competitiveness.
1. Widely open up channels to talents, sincerely invite talents from far and wide
Shipyard actively open up channels to absorb talents, take “Two into, multi channels” as the way of recruitment . First into all kinds of high-level talent markets to attract talented people needed by company. Second into universities, to have dialogue with talents, make two-way choice through negotitation and coummunication; sign the agreement of talent training and attracting, also through international cooperation, executive search firm, set up websites and other channels to attract talents.
2. Make best use of talents
We adhere to the employ principle of “High-level decision makers do well, middle-level cadres be capable, technicians be more professional, to make best use of think-tanker ”, set up employment mechanism and design career development planning for the stuff, combine with the implementation of performance evaluation, education training, and job rotation system etc, to create a great environment for using talents with healthy competition and incentive mechanism.
3. To cultivate the talents, implement joint progress plan
Now we have formed complete three class training management system, establish an all-round, multi-level training and development system which composed of pre-job training, job training, full-time training and self-development; adopt a development way which combines domestic study with international study ; for the purpose of making best use of talents we organize an internal lecturer mission and provide a complete service condition for technical engineer; we also constantly provide a development platform for the talents by using the resource of college teachers and training.
4. Create retention environment, maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises
We carry the retention strategy out through excellent feeling and career, with better treatment and culture. Such as leaders call on stuffs, make home for workers, build expert building and good stuff dining room, organize weekend cinema and so on; to enhance staffs’ enterprise responsibility and sense of belonging; constantly reform pay system and implement fully insured system, try to make a good conditions for stuff in order to keep excellent workers; constantly enhance corporate culture construction, uphold the management idea of people oriented in order to keep talent with culture.
Competition among enterprises is the competition for talent in the final analysis. As is known to all, human capital is the most critical enterprise capital, all the achievements can not realize without the inventions of employees, so enterprises must fully rely on the employees.


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